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Training Options and Descriptions

Applicator Training Options

  1. Customized - professional applicator training tailored to the needs of the targeted audience.  A popular topic currently and for the future:  Application Strategies for Herbicide Tolerant Cropping Systems.  Option 1.  Option 2.

  2. Commercial Professional Applicator Training (PAT) - sponsored by the Asmark Institute

    • Full Course revision is complete and the new 3 1/2 day Applicator Training Course (ATC) is set to begin in June.  Use this link to learn more about the course:  Applicator Training Course  For more details regarding fees and registration use the following link: Registration Details

    • Short Course - designed for 1/2 day workshops.  Details available upon request.

3.  On-Target Application Academy (OTAA) - sponsored by BASF.

  • The On Target Application Academy educates growers on new application technologies, plant biology and advancements in new product chemistries to help them achieve the most effective and sustainable week control possible - as well as help mitigate spray drift, which is a continuous area of focus for the agricultural industry.
  • To schedule an OTAA in your area, contact your local BASF representative and place a request.

4.  Sprayers 101 - A popular website that describes best practices in the safe, efficient and effective operation of agricultural sprayers. Click here Sprayers 101 to browse the library of articles, videos, presentations, apps, calculators, tables and ePubs.  It is continually being updated.

5. Application Parameter Guidance Chart - Version 4.   The recent EPA approvals of XtendiMax w/VGT, Engenia, and the earlier approval for Enlist Duo w/Colex-D have presented new challenges for the application industry.  Spray system operators will now be required to adhere to some very detailed specifications regarding the setup and operation of the sprayers used to apply these products.  Nozzle type and size, pressure, droplet size, ground speed, and spray boom height are among some of the parameters that are specified in these crop protection product labels.  Refer to the label for complete details.  Use the link above to a chart that has been prepared to help make sound decisions regarding the application of these three products.