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EPA approves the labels for the technologically improved forms of dicamba.

The recent EPA approvals of XtendiMax w/VGT (Monsanto), FeXapan w/VGT (Dupont), Engenia (BASF), and the earlier approval for Enlist Duo w/Colex-D (DAS) have presented new challenges for the application industry.  Spray system operators will now be required to adhere to some very detailed specifications regarding the setup and operation of the sprayers used to apply these products.  This has not always been the case in years past.  Labels of the future are expected to take on this new format.  Especially, as we enter into an era of applying crop protection products designed for making applications to herbicide tolerant crops for the purpose of controlling resistant weeds.  For example, in the three crop protection products listed above; nozzle type and size, pressure, droplet size, ground speed, and spray boom height, are among some of the parameters that are specified.

It will be paramount that all involved in the application decision making process read, understand, and follow the current version of the label before making any applications. Nothing has changed, the label is a legal document, and must be followed in order to safeguard the availabilty of these new chemical technologies.

 A chart contrasting and comparing the specified application parameters for these products has been prepared to help make sound decisions regarding their application.  The information provided in this chart is based on the instructions contained in each label, the authors interpretation of those instructions, and also contains editorial comments from the author.  The comments are to further emphasize proven application strategies and practices to ensure good stewardship while making successful applications.  Use this link to access this document.

Application Comparison Chart - Version 6