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I recently retired as the Application Technology Specialist in the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department at Kansas State University with a major emphasis with the technologies related to the application of pesticides with aerial, commercial and grower ground, and turf application equipment. Also, a focus of this work involved evaluating technologies associated with the minimization of spray drift.  A high priority was also in the development of computer training modules for pesticide application education. 
Research and educational programs are critical to the safe and efficient application of pesticides used to control pests in our environment. Wolf Consulting & Research LLC will utilize expertise to educate pesticide applicators on the latest application technology and utilize sound research methods through applied research on new and improved application technologies to protect floricultural, nursery, landscape, turf, horticultural, and field crops against damage from diseases, insects, and weeds, while safeguarding environmental quality, food and worker safety.

Utilizing engineering and biological principles, laboratory and field studies will be conducted to evaluate the effects of various application parameters, such as spray pressure, application volume, nozzle type, droplet size spectrum, and other equipment and technology as determined on efficacy and off-target movement (drift) of pest control chemicals. Efforts will focus on maximizing spray deposition and minimizing drift for improved efficacy, through equipment or formulation modifications, so minimal amounts of pesticides will be needed for crop production and protection. Spray deposition and movement will be quantified using various plant and artificial collectors.  Pest control efficacy will be evaluated using lab and field assessments by collaborators as expertise dictates.  I also will evaluate technologies used for site-specific pest management and assist in the adaptation of such site-specific practices.

There is a trend in the application industry for more growers, farmers, and ranchers to purchase the equipment necessary to make their own pesticide applications.  Many of these individuals have not done their own spraying for a long time or have never done so.  A major emphasis in education and training is needed to assist these applicators in the safe and efficient use of current pest control equipment.